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AIRE Services

Artificially Intelligent Real Estate Services

A broker-centric social network for collaboration and deal making.

Cloud based – auto syncs data among devices.

Accurate, current, and relevant real estate data.

A role-based set of premium features and tools.

Consistent user interface from desktop to mobile devices.

The latest e-commerce tools for conducting the real estate transaction.

Steve Holman


• Founder & CEO of one of the first Internet-based MLS systems (1996 – 2001)
• Real Estate Broker (1985 – present)
• Served Realtor Associations as director and multiple committee chairs

Mark Burggraf

Chief Technology Officer

• 30+ years as software entrepreneur for traditional SaaS products
• Pioneered one of the first e-commerce systems
• Developed many web-based MLS tools commonplace in today’s MLSs